Contraceptive options for young couples

Let’s start by explaining what contraception is. Contraception also known as birth control is a deliberate or intentional use of methods to prevent conception and child birth (contra, meaning against and –ception, a short form of the word conception), while contraceptive is a drug or object used to aid the process of contraception.

But why will newlyweds need contraceptives?, Well many newlyweds would rather get their homes and career in order before they start making babies, some couples are enrolled in one post graduate program or the other and would rather finish these programs before having children, and some would rather spend some quality time with their partners before kids come and ruin the fun.

There are several methods of contraception available; both temporary and permanent. This blog post is directed towards newlyweds, so we’ll stick to the temporary methods. Continue reading “Contraceptive options for young couples”