Ajipe.com – health and wellbeing site launched in Ilorin

Dr Ademola Adeyeye

Dr Ademola Adeyeye

At certain points in the journey of the world, new innovations like the computer, a cellular phone, the piano or tasty cooking recipes spring up in one corner of the world to change the way people think, communicate, operate or even dance and cook.

One of such new stuff is our project, Ajipe health and wellbeing portal, a fast growing health portal born out of ruminations on how to make health information accessible and fun to everyone that holds an electronic device.

At one point or the other, people have one health question or the other, people also need quicker and friendlier access to health services, in this jet age, speed is one very important denominator.

Our vision at ajipe.com is to be the answer to every health question that you seek, using the electronic media and digital technology, we believe access to professional health information and services can be made better with modern technology, seeing a doctor or engaging a dietician can be as quick as a blink, we have dreamt it and we will achieve it.

Currently we have been providing valuable information on common health conditions that people face on a daily basis

It’s been a worthy experience “walking” with a brand that’s working hard to make a difference and contribute its bit to everyday living. The ajipe team has been up and about trying to improve its look and its voice, our website is for you and all about you, we have been busy trying to identify and provide you with useful resources in the niche of health information.

It is that “busyness” that’s making us share news of our launch event rather late, it was indeed a remarkable gathering of vibrant minds held about three months ago at the emirate city of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.

Miss Adewoyin ayomide
A colourful morning at captain cook mini hall welcomed the day on wednesday, the 16th of November, 2016, where friends, families and guests of the founders of ajipe.com gathered to officially usher ajipe health and wellbeing into the world.

The keynote speaker at the launch event was Dr Ademola Adetoyese Adeyeye. Dr Adeyeye is a consultant in general surgery and the Chief Medical Director of LifefountIinternational Hospital, Ilorin.

While delivering the keynote address titled, “The electronic media as a tool for health”, he commended the brains behind the Ajipe concept noting that the twenty first century is an age where everything is digital and electronic, hence the need for such ventures like Ajipe.com in Nigeria.

He further stressed the need for health care providers in Nigeria to key into using the electronic media in delivering health services in order not to be left behind in the information and technology trends of the 21st century saying that it will be ridiculous for a doctor to not have a twitter account or email address where clients can easily reach him/her for inquiries or complaints.

The surgeon identified consumer health, clinical care, financial and administrative transactions, public health, health professional education and biomedical research as key areas in the health sector where the internet has got a major role to play as a tool for access to and dissemination of information.
In his presentation, Dr. Adeyeye commended the federal government of Nigeria in spreading health information to the public during the Ebola and Lassa fever outbreaks via the social media and the internet,he remarked that the social media campaigns and awareness clips went a long way to reach a large number of people in good time.

He also stressed the need to digitalise health records and medical database in Nigeria.

Mr Temitope Odurinde, a social psychologist based in the UK and the chairman of Ajipe Health and Wellbeing, in his address, said that the intention behind ajipe.com is to create a potent social media platform that will bridge the gap between health care providers and clients. He added that the medium will be a rendezvous for professionals, stake holders and consumers in the health sector to deliberate and chart new courses for efficient delivery of health and well being information and services.

Dr Faisol Oladosu, CEO Ajipe.com

Dr Faisol Oladosu, CEO Ajipe.com

The Chief Executive Officer of ajipe.com, Dr. Faisol Oladosu in his remarks said the ajipe project is aimed at providing innovative solutions in health care delivery,” solutions that will meet the dynamic needs of the contemporary age”.

Oladosu added that one year from the launch event, ajipe.com hopes to become a household name in Nigeria that will be providing solutions and support to the health and well being needs of the population.
We say a big thank you to all our friends and well wishers that kept the date on Wednesday,16th of November,2016.

Guests at Ajipe.com launch

Guests at Ajipe.com launch

We have started this big dream with very humble steps,we hope to take the journey with as you support us by subscribing to our newsletter and giving us feedbacks through our contact page on how we can better serve you, tell us what you want us to write about, tell us how we can improve.

If it’s ajipe,it’s all about you.
Ajipe.com na the health website wey make sense pass!

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