Almajiri: the forgotten children of Nigeria

This is a lamentation poem.Anyone that has been up north will easily relate with these poem.The Almajiri children can be seen everywhere on the street, they run errands for strangers, beg for food, sleep on sidewalks and street pavements, they are really an endangered population.

Emir Sanusi was right when he said Nigeria should not be surprised about the insurgency in the North, anywhere you have a crowd of hopeless and jobless youths,there is bound to be crime and civil unrest.

Nigeria needs to wake up, otherwise one day none of us will be able to sleep with our two eyes closed,because the children we left untrained and unattended to have now picked up daggers and bombs kidnapping ,maimimg,heeding to the directives of desperate politicians and mafias.

Author: Faisol Oladosu

Faisol - founder of

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