Application for diagnosing malaria now available as an app

By the day technology keeps growing and expanding to explore possibilities in previously unchartered waters.

This is the case with the xRAPID-Lab app , an application on the apple store that automatically counts the number of malaria parasites and red blood cells on plasmodium falciparum culture mediums.

xRAPID-Lab application is a product of the UK based Medtech company xRapid.The application initially designed for laboratories where malaria parasites are being cultured and researched was released after successful trials in tropical disease institutes in Europe.

Using an iphone connected to a microscope, the application analyses images taken from thin smear blood slides.

In less than two minutes the app gives information about:
• The number of malaria parasites on the slide
• The stage of development of the malaria parasites
• The number of red blood cells on the slide
This revolutionary tool for malaria research and diagnosis is considered cheaper, faster and just as accurate as the conventional tests for malaria.

Tests sold in 12 countries:
Over 16000 units of the test has been sold in 12 countries including Benin, Niger, Malawi, South Africa, Botswana, India, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia.The UK and France already use xRapid’s solutions on a regular basis.

Author: Faisol Oladosu

Faisol - founder of

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