London doctors call for a ban on diesel engines in the city

London doctors and health workers protesting agains diesel engines. Source: BBC

London doctors and health workers protesting agains diesel engines. Source: BBC

An organisation that consists of doctors and other health practitioners protested called Doctors Against Diesel staged a rally in the UK capital city, London today. The protest was covered by the BBC. Except from the protest and link to it can be found below:

A campaign led by medical professionals is calling for all diesel cars to be banned from London. Doctors Against Diesel claim 9,400 Londoners a year die prematurely from breathing in toxic fumes from diesel engines. Paris, Madrid, Mexico City and Athens have committed to a ban on diesel vehicles by 2025. Opponents to the campaign have called the proposals “impractical” and warned a blanket ban could “backfire”.

Doctors Against Diesel – comprising doctors, nurses and health professionals – are calling for Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, to commit to phasing out diesel vehicles from London. Mr Khan has already said he wants to get rid of diesel buses by 2018. A spokesman for the mayor said he has no legal powers to ban cars in London and is calling on the government “to face its responsibility and implement a national diesel scrappage scheme now”.

“The mayor has more than doubled air quality funding and is doing everything in his power to tackle London’s toxic air and rid the city of the most polluting vehicles, but he cannot do this alone” the spokesman added. According to the campaign, nearly 40% of all nitrogen oxides emissions and PM10 pollution, which is linked to decreased lung function, within London comes from diesel vehicles.

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