Saudi recruitment exercise for Nigerian doctors comes up April 2017


2017 Saudi recruitment for  Nigerian doctors by third week of April

We wish to inform you that the Saudi Ministry of Health intends to conduct a recruitment exercise in Nigeria by the 3rd week of this month, April (FOR MEDICAL DOCTORS ONLY). Details of dates and venue for the Abuja exercise will be conveyed to you as soon as we have a confirmation of their itinerary, so please monitor your email for updates.

They have however already identified the specialties and cadres they are interested in for this particular

exercise  –


  • Internal Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • General Surgery
  • Family Medicine
  • Gyn. & Obs.
  • Anesthesia and ICU


  • Residents/Medical Officers – must have at least 2 years working experience, post housemanship
  • Senior Registrars – must have at least 2 years working experience as a Senior Registrar
  • Consultants – must have at least 3 years working experience as a Consultant

If this does not apply to you or you are not interested in participating, we urge you to please forward the

information to others you think might find this useful. Thank you.
Yours faithfully,


BHP Global Ventures Ltd

Please send your intent to

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Author: Faisol Oladosu

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