Top 10 romantic ways to tell your partner you are having a baby

ways to share your pregnancy news with your husband

One of the most fun parts of discovering you are pregnant is telling your significant other. There are several creative ways to tell your significant other about this important milestone in your life. Below is a list of some creative ideas;


  1. Give a Present

One of the best and simplest ways to let your husband know about your pregnancy is by wrapping up the pregnancy test kit as a present. You can turn it into a special night by cooking him his favorite dinner, ordering in from his favorite restaurant, or going out to eat together.


  1. Fatherhood Proposal

Men traditionally propose marriage, so pregnancy is your chance to do a proposal. Create a romantic evening and ask him “will you be a father?” You can also give him the pregnancy test kit in a small box.


  1. Customized Foods

Suggest that you guys have dinner at a restaurant. You can then customize any special food with words like “We are 3” or “I am pregnant. ”


  1. Video or Slide-show

Find your favorite pictures of you and your husband throughout your relationship and make a video or slide show with them. At the end, include a message letting him know you are pregnant.


  1. Get a Pet Messenger

If you guys already have a pet, let them help you out. Write a note saying you are pregnant or “Mom’s pregnant” and attach it to your dog’s or cat’s collar. Your husband will see it when your pet greets him.


  1. Help from Your Child

For those who are pregnant and already have a child, consider getting your kid in on the surprise. One option is to make a shirt for your child, saying he or she will be a big brother or sister. As a bonus, you can reuse this shirt for official pregnancy announcement photos. Besides, depending on how old your child is, ask them to give your husband the pregnancy test kit and say “baby” or something similar.


  1. Spell the Words Out In a Puzzle Or Game

Consider making a puzzle that announces your pregnancy to your husband. You can find blank puzzles to decorate at the arts and crafts store. If you like playing Scrabble as a couple, spell out the message during a game. Or simply set up the game with the words spelled out.


  1. Use a Father’s Day Card

Father’s Day cards aren’t only an option on Father’s Day. If you are trying to get pregnant, buy one and stash it somewhere. Give it to your husband when you find out you are pregnant, signing it from you and your baby.


  1. Buy a Book

Buy the first book for your baby and write a note on the inside for your husband. The message should say something like “Please read this to us 9 months later.”


  1. Baby Food

This is a good and classic solution to how to tell your husband you’re pregnant –have a baby-themed meal. Pick baby carrots, baby potatoes and any other food items you can think of with the word “baby” in them.



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