Websites and apps of interest

Websites and apps of interest

Websites and apps of interest

Sites, apps and social media pages of interest

We think you may find some of the websites and apps below of interesting. As with the rest of Ajipe contents, they are all health or wellbeing related. If you have a content you think we should feature on this page, please contact Ajipe health and wellbeing site administrator.

Health & wellbeing related social medial pages

  • Daily Health Tip – A popular source of daily health tips on Twitter. The page is worth following.

Health and wellbeing related websites

  • NHS – A comprehensive website about conditions and treatment from the UK National Health Service.
  • Hope Spring Water blog – This UK based NGO works in Nigeria to help end water poverty. They dig wells and construct boreholes in communities struggling to access safe, clean drinking water. You can find out about their projects and other issues to do with water, sanitation and hygiene in Nigeria.


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  • Ovulation and EDD calculator

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