What do you know about child abuse? Take this quiz


About 5 children die daily as a result of child abuse

Child abuse is intentional mistreatment of a child that can take various forms. Sadly, it is becoming increasingly common in our society as many cases are being reported on news sites.

Many children are exposed to physical and sexual abuse for many reasons, varying from poverty to family splits. It is a subject you must be duly informed about so before it happens to your son or daughter, it can be nipped in the bud.

Take our brief quiz below to test how much you already know.

1) Both boys and girls can be affected
a) Yes
b) No
c) I don’t know

2) Approximately _ children die everyday because of child abuse
a) 10
b) 5
c) 25
d) 3
e) 19

3) Who can be an abuser?
a) A parent
b) Your child’s teacher
c) Your neighbours
d) Your child’s friends
e) All the above

4) Signs of physical abuse in a child include the following except
a) Cough
b) Bruises on the face, head, back and genitals
c) Burns
d) Broken bones
e) Head injuries

5) Your child can be emotionally abused if you
a) Say unkind words to your child
b) Ignore your child’s need for comfort
c) Pressure your child to perform beyond his/her ability
d) Compare your child to siblings or peers
e) All of the above

6) Keeping a child away from education, shelter, food, hygiene and medical care is a form of abuse called
a) Medical abuse
b) I don’t know
c) Mental abuse
d) Neglect
e) Physical abuse

7) Sexual abuse can be:
a) Sexual contact between an older and younger child
b) Sexual contact between an adult and a child
c) Showing pornography to a child
d) All of the above
e) None of the above

8) An emotionally abused child can have
a) Learning difficulties and slow mental development
b) Poor personal hygiene and inadequate dressing
c) Poor school attendance and lateness
d) Social problems such as substance abuse
e) All of the above

9) If you suspect your child is being sexually abused, you should:
a) Inform the police
b) Discipline your child
c) Take your child away from the abuser
d) Beat up the abuser
e) Take your child to the hospital

10) You can protect your child from abuse by the following steps except
a) Teaching your child about good and bad touches
b) Keeping your child indoors
c) Listening to your child, knowing his/her friends
d) Screen all caregivers such as housemaids and babysitters
e) Learning how to recognize signs of abuse

How many did you get correctly?
Statistics show that 1 in every 5 women and 1 in 13 men have been abused at some point or the other. Experiencing abuse as a child makes people more likely to abuse their own children or other children around them. They may do this without even realizing that they are. As a concerned and loving parent, it is up to you to recognize the signs and help your child to safety.

The answers are: (1) A, (2) B, (3) E, (4) A, (5) E,
(6) D, (7) D, (8) E, (9) E, (10) B

Tell us your score. Do you have any experience in this subject? We would like to know all about it.

Author: Faisol Oladosu

Faisol - founder of Ajipe.com

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